Health Alert: Risks of Autism increases through generations

Health Alert

(CBS) - Men who father children later in life, face a greater risk of having grandchildren with autism. Researchers in Britain found men who became fathers when they were 50 or older were almost twice as likely to have a grandchild with autism. That's compared to men who fathered children in their early 20's. The risk, however, is still low. The findings suggest that risk factors for autism may accumulate over generations.


(CBS) - Knee implants designed specifically for women may not be any better than regular implants. Researchers looked at thousands of knee replacements and found women who received the gender specific ones did not see improvements in pain scores or range of motion. Women account for 60 percent of knee replacement patients.


(CBS) - More evidence that vitamin D is good for you. Researchers in Boston gave healthy individuals vitamin D supplements for two months. At the end of the study, they found that the vitamin D significantly impacted the genes involved with cancer, cardiovascular disease and autoimmune diseases. The researchers say the findings show that vitamin D plays a large role in improving immunity and lowering the risk for many diseases.


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