Health Alert: Robotically-assisted hysterectomies aren't better than traditional procedures

Health Alert

(CBS) - A new study finds robotically-assisted hysterectomies are not any better than the more traditional laparoscopic procedure. They just cost more. In recent years robotic ally-assisted hysterectomies have gained in popularity. But researchers at Columbia University find both approaches have similar outcomes and low complication rates. The only difference is robotic hysterectomies cost about $2,000 more.



(CBS) - It may not be a cure for the common cold, but researchers at Carnegie-Mellon think they've discovered who is most likely to catch a cold. Scientists measured protein complexes at the ends of chromosomes. Young and middle-age adults with shorter telomeres were most susceptible to infection.

(CBS) - Researchers at Northwestern University are making progress helping children with dyslexia by improving their hearing. Many children with the learning disorder have difficulty reading. Researchers discovered with the best readers , the brain interprets sounds very consistently. But with the poorest readers it was much less consistent. Scientists gave children with reading problems listening devices which transmitted the teacher's voice directly into the student's ear, and within a year the child's reading improved.


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