Health Alert: Seniors may only need mammogram every two years

(CBS) - New findings suggest seniors may only need a mammogram every two years. Doctors at the University of California found older women who got a mammogram every other year did not increase their chances of having late stage breast cancer. Those women also had fewer false positive results.



(CBS) - Dietary guidelines could be getting a makeover after researchers find vegetable fats may not be as healthy as first thought. A study in the British Medical Journal followed heart patients who replaced butter with vegetable based oil and margarines that use safflower. Researchers found those patients actually had a higher risk of death. Doctors say the results could change future dietary guidelines.



(CBS) - Mothers exposed to pollution are more likely to have babies with low birth weight. The study looked at more than 3 million births around the world. Researchers found the areas with higher pollution rates, had higher numbers of babies born under 5 and a half pounds. Low birth weight is associated with chronic health problems later in life.


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