Health Alert-- Severe sunburns can lead to cancer

(CBS)-Young white women who get blistering sunburns may be greatly increasing their risk of developing skin cancer. Researchers in Rhode Island found that just five severe sunburns before age 20 could increase the chances of developing Melanoma by 80 percent. Doctors say people with high risk traits like red hair and moles should be extra careful.
(CBS)- A new study at Indiana University confirms that amphetamines can delay exhaustion when exercising in the heat. In experiments with rats, scientists found the stimulants raised the body temperature when exhaustion would occur. They also found amphetamines increased the risk of heat stroke. Many sports ban the use of amphetamines.
(CNN)- If you're serious about health and fitness, head to the nation's capitol. The Washington DC Metro area ranked number one when it comes to healthy living. That's according to an annual ranking by the American College of Sports Medicine. Minneapolis-Saint Paul dropped to second place as Portland, Denver and San Francisco round out the top five. Some Texas cities also made the list. Austin came in at number 14. Houston was number 35 with Dallas close behind at 38. San Antonio came in at number 45.


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