Health Alert: Smoking has consequences even after quitting

(CBS) - A new study finds smoking can affect veins in the leg even a year after a person quits. Researchers in China looked at more than 200 patients who had heart bypass operations. That's when surgeons graft leg veins from a patient to use in their heart. Scientists found that the veins in smokers did not normalize even a year after quitting, and many times the vein failed in the heart.



(CBS) - New research shows there's no link between taking anti-depressants during pregnancy and infant death. Maternal depression has been associated with increased pregnancy risks. But Swedish researchers studied 30-thousand women who took anti-depressants during pregnancy and found there was no increased risk of having stillborn babies or babies that later died.



(CBS) - If you want to lose weight in the new year, you are not alone. A new Harris interactive poll of more than 3,000 adults shows the top new year's resolution of Americans in 2013 is weight loss. Other top resolutions were  to exercise, improve finances and get a new job.


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