Health Alert: Snoring during pregnancy linked to high blood pressure

(CBS) - Women who begin snoring during pregnancy may be at risk for high blood pressure. A University of Michigan study looked at more than 17-hundred women and found about 25 percent started snoring frequently during pregnancy. That doubled their risk for high blood pressure. Research shows that high blood pressure during pregnancy is associated with smaller babies and higher risks of pre-term birth.

(CBS) - New research may someday help scientist predict which patients will suffer erectile dysfunction after radiation for prostate cancer. Mount Sinai School of Medicine researchers have discovered 12 genetic markers that could make certain people more susceptible. They hope to use the findings to create a blood test that would identify men at higher risk.

(CBS) - Researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital have found two categories of multiple sclerosis patients. They looked at key molecules from the blood cells of MS patients and found one group has a higher risk of relapse. Scientists say this could lead to more personalized treatments.


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