Health Alert: Strokes Take Years Off Life


(CBS) - People who suffer a stroke lose an average of nearly three out of every five years of quality life.

That's according to researchers in Britain. They gave stroke patients questionnaires measuring their quality of life.

They found patients who experienced a minor stroke lost an average of two out of five quality years. Those who had a severe stroke lost more than four years.

The authors say their findings are a wake-up call for the need for better stroke treatments.

(CBS) - A new study questions the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.

The federally-funded survey is the basis of most of the nation's research into nutrition and diet.

But researchers in South Carolina say the data is seriously flawed. They found the participants in the survey would underreport how many calories they consumed and overestimate how many calories they burned.

They say it's time to scrap the survey and find more accurate data.

(CBS) - New technology shows most people with type one diabetes still have active beta cells that produce low levels of insulin.

What's more, they are producing insulin in response to food, the same way as someone who doesn't have the condition.

Even small levels of insulin can prevent low glucose levels and reduce complications. Researchers hope the findings mean it may be possible to regenerate beta cells in the future. 




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