Health Alert--- Taking cancer drugs longer could up survival rates

(CBS)- The new guideline from the American Society of Clinical Oncology states that some breast cancer patients should take the drug Tamoxifen for up to ten years. Researchers found women with hormone driven breast cancer had better survival rates and a lower risk of recurrence when taking the drug beyond the usual five years.

(CBS)- School programs that encourage children to eat healthy and be more active are having little effect. Researchers in England studied more than two thousand children at sixty primary schools. They found no evidence that lesson plans or interactive homework led to more active students who ate more fruits and vegetables. Increasing awareness did cut down on watching television and eating high calorie snacks.

(CBS)- A professor of public health at a leading British university is pushing for sugary drinks to carry health warning labels. Professor Simon Capewell argues sugar is linked to obesity and heart disease and should have warning labels like insecticides and cigarettes.  The American Beverage Association has said it is misleading to blame soft drinks for weight gain.


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