Health Alert: Teen sexting study

(CBS) - A new study says teens who are sexting also engage in other risky behaviors. Researchers looked at 18 hundred LA high school students. They found teenagers who sent sexually explicit texts and photos, were more likely to be sexually active, or have unprotected sex. 15 percent admitted sending a "sext", while 54 percent said they knew someone who sent one.


(CBS) - Kids intake of sodium is up, and so is their risk for high blood pressure. A study published in "Pediatrics" says children and teens now consume as much sodium as adults. The study says higher sodium intake is linked to higher blood pressure in kids. Boys and obese children are at greater risk.


(CBS) - You'll be mentally strong to the finish, if you eat your spinach. A study Popeye would love, found antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables could fight dementia. German scientists studied Alzheimer's patients and found they had significantly lower levels of Vitamin C and Beta-Carotine. The findings suggest foods like carrots, apricots, and yes, spinach could help fight symptoms.


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