Health Alert: Time is of the essence when treating a stroke

(CBS) - The American Stroke Association is putting out new guidelines that say emergency physicians must act quickly to diagnose someone having a stroke. The group wants stroke patients to receive clot dissolving medication within an hour of arriving at the hospital. The guidelines also say, if possible, a patient should be transferred to the closest primary stroke center.


(CBS) - The food and drinks sold in school vending machines could be changing in the coming months. After a year of delays, the federal government is expected to propose a new set of rules in April on what kind of snacks can be sold in schools. Health advocates want potato chips and candy bars replaced with healthy snacks and sodas exchanged for low-fat milk and juice. Some states and schools districts have already banned junk food in schools.


(CBS) - Yoga may be good for people who suffer from a heart rhythm problem. Nearly 3 million Americans have a condition that causes the upper chambers of the heart to occasionally quiver out of rhythm. Researchers at the University of Kansas followed 49 people with the condition and had them do yoga regularly. After three months the average patient cut their heart rhythm episodes in half. They also improved their heart rate and had less anxiety.


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