Health Alert: Trampolines dangerous for children

(CBS) - The American Academy of Pediatrics is once again telling parents not to let their kids jump on backyard trampolines. A report shows there were 98-thousand trampoline related injuries in one year - with kids under five at the greatest risk for serious injury like fractures or dislocations .
The Academy says there's no evidence newer trampolines that use netting and padding reduce injuries.


(CBS) - A new discovery could lead to better cancer treatments for breast and ovarian cancer. That's because genetic researchers say one type of breast cancer is very similar to ovarian cancer. A study in the Journal Nature finds triple negative breast cancer and high grade ovarian cancer share many genetic features. Doctors say there's evidence the two cancers could be treated with the same drugs.


(CBS) - A new study finds young people who survive cancer often avoid routine medical care - because it's too expensive. Researchers at the University of Utah say even patients with insurance can't afford their bills. Doctors say routine check ups are critical for cancer survivors to make sure the disease doesn't return.


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