Health Alert: two bystanders better than one for CPR

(CBS) - Two people are better than one when it comes to performing CPR. Japanese researchers looked at 5-thousand cases where people had a heart attack in public. They found the odds of surviving were higher when more than one bystander tried to help. The American Heart Association says more than 380-thousand Americans go into cardiac arrest outside of a hospital every year.


(CBS) - New research finds Vitamin D supplements can protect bones - but not as well as first thought. The New England Journal of Medicine study found seniors who took the pills had a 10 percent lower risk of hip fracture. And those who took a high dose had a 30 percent lower risk. The study authors say the results show vitamin d supplements are only "somewhat favorable" at preventing fractures.


(CBS) - Sleep apnea appears to be worse during the winter months. Brazilian researchers tracked thousands of people who were tested at a sleep clinic. During the winter patients stopped breathing in their sleep an average of 18 times per hour - compared to 15 times an hour during the summer. Doctors aren't sure why but speculate that winter related conditions like colds can aggravate sleep apnea.


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