Health Alert: U.S. hospital visits increase

Health Alert

(CBS) - The Centers for Disease Control says the number of Americans going to the hospital increased 11 percent from 2000 to 2010. But the number of hospital deaths fell 8 percent, mostly among women. Researchers saw big drops in deaths from cancer, kidney disease and pneumonia.



(CBS) - Doctors in Ireland say overweight women are much more likely to have problems during pregnancy. Their study found obese moms to be, are at higher risk for high blood pressure, gestational diabetes and C-sections. The heaviest women also run a higher risk of pre-term delivery and still birth.



(CBS) - Researchers at Johns Hopkins believe there is an alternative to allergy shots. They found using liquid drops of various allergens under the tongue is safe and effective. Doctors give patients tiny amounts of purified ragweed, grass, dust mites, pollen or mold. Over time the patient builds up an immunity. The drops are popular in Europe because they can be taken at home, but they are not approved here in the U.S.


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