Health Alert: Virus may stop aggressive breast cancer

(CBS) - A virus may be able to stop an aggressive form of breast cancer. Doctors at Stanford added a tumor fighting protein to a harmless virus and gave it to mice with triple negative breast cancer. They found the virus was able to infect cancer cells and deliver the protein - killing tumors. About 20 percent of breast cancer cases in the us are triple negative. Researchers are now planning tests on people.

(CBS) - Kids who don't get enough sleep may be at a greater risk for heart disease later in life. Canadian researchers followed 4-thousand adolescents and found those who were sleep deprived were more likely to be overweight and have higher cholesterol and blood pressure than other kids. Doctors say these conditions put them at risk for serious health problems down the road.

(CBS) - People who take statins to protect their heart may also be protecting their vision. A study from the University of Michigan finds patients on statins are eight percent less likely to develop glaucoma. Statins lower cholesterol and researchers believe they may help improve blood flow to the eyes.



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