Health Alert: Vitamin D reduces pain

(CBS) - A new study finds that Vitamin D supplements can reduce pain for people suffering from Fibromyalgia.

The disease causes sleep disorders, morning stiffness, poor concentration, and even depression.

Researchers in Austria found that Vitamin D helped reduce the degree of chronic pain and improved other symptoms, greatly enhancing their quality of life.




(CBS) - Using statins may help prevent delirium in critically ill patients.

Doctors in Britain found that continuing the cholesterol lowering drugs in patients who were taking them before hospitalization  helped lower their inflammation.

Less inflammation meant less delirium in critically ill patients. 

(CBS) - Changing the composition of gut bacteria may help you live a longer life.

Scientists in California found that changes in the gut as we age increases bacteria growth causing inflammation that affects immune response.

In a study using flies, they found that restoring the microbial balance of the gut helped control bacteria growth -- increasing lifespan.



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