Health Alert: Walking improves quality of life for stroke survivors

Health Alert

(CBS) - A new study shows the power of celebrity endorsements over kids. Research published in the Journal of Pediatrics found celebrity endorsement of a food product encouraged children to eat more of it. They warn it means children could eat more junk food if that's what the celebrity is endorsing.


(CBS) - Stroke survivors who begin regular, brisk walks could improve their fitness, mobility and quality of life. Research in the American Heart Association journal, Stroke. Patients who walked after a stroke reported greater improvement to their quality of life. They also performed better on endurance and heart rate tests. That's compared to patients who only received therapeutic massage.


(CBS) - Don't lose the spring in your step when clocks are set ahead this Sunday. Doctors say the benefit of daylight saving time is getting that extra sunlight, but typically the change throws people off for a whole week. A Vanderbilt University sleep expert recommends going to bed a little earlier each night before the time change and getting a little sun first thing in the morning.


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