Health Alert: Weight may increase pregnancy complications

Health Alert

(CBS) - Being underweight or overweight could increase a pregnant woman's risk for complications. Scotland researchers looked at the medical records of about 110,000 pregnant women. They found women with a body mass index or BMI that was high were more likely to have high blood pressure and diabetes. Overweight and obese women were also more at risk for being admitted to the hospital after birth as were underweight women.


(CBS) - New research suggests that the 2008 economic crisis may explain a jump in suicide rates. Researchers looked at data from 54 countries including the US and Europe. They found the rate of suicide among men rose about 3 percent. That's about 5,000 more deaths than usual.


(CBS) - Taking Vitamin B supplements may help lower the risk of stroke. Scientists in China analyzed data on nearly 55,000 people and found Vitamin B reduced the chances of stroke by seven percent. But the supplements didn't appear to affect the severity of the stroke or change the risk of dying from stroke.




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