Health Alert: West Nile cases on the rise

(CBS) - West Nile cases have risen sharply. The Centers for Disease Control says they are up 40 percent from last week alone. This year there are nearly 2 thousand new cases and 66 deaths -- half of the cases are in Texas. Experts are blaming the summer's hot, dry weather for the spike in cases.


(CBS) - Obesity may be linked to our body-clocks. A new report finds shiftwork, artificial light and a 24-hour lifestyle have thrown off our natural rhythmns, which regulate the sleep-wake cycle. Researchers at the University of Aberdeen say this could lead to a disrupted metabolism, weight gain and diabetes. While some disruption is inevitable, doctors recommend people keep regular meal times, get plenty of daylight, and uninterrupted night-time sleep.


(CBS) - Chronic stress may trigger strokes. And if your Type A, that risk is double. Researchers followed 150 adults, about 54 years old. They found that hostile, aggressive and quick tempered people were twice as likely to face stroke risk. The same was true for smokers or people who had two energy drinks a day, and people who recently suffered a major life stress. Men were at nine times the risk for stroke.


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