Health Alert: Women caution intimacy after heart attacks

Health Alert

(CBS) - New research shows most female heart attack victims are afraid to get back to their sex life.

The study also found that most women do not discuss the issue with their doctors. Of the few that do, most had to bring it up and were not happy with the quality of the discussion. The biggest fear was whether their hearts could handle the exertion.

Researchers at the University of Chicago say doctors should do a better job of addressing the issue.





(CBS) - A new study finds women who smoke during pregnancy are more likely to have children with behavioral problems.

Researchers in England found children of smokers were at an increased risk for extreme disruptive behavior including aggression and anger later on in childhood and adolescence.




(CBS) - A person who experiences weight discrimination is more likely to become obese or stay obese, rather than use the experience as motivation to lose weight.

Researchers in Florida followed more than 6,000 people during a four year period.

They found those who felt they were judged negatively for their weight were two and a half times more likely to become obese at the end of the four years.


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