Health Alert: Women's Heart Attack Recovery Time

Health Alert

(CBS) - A new study suggest that among younger heart attack patients, women may have a harder time recovering than men. Research presented to the American Heart Association looked at patients 55 or younger. It found that a year and a half after a heart attack, women were more likely than men to see a drop in physical and mental functioning, as well as more chest pain and a lower quality of life.  
(CBS) -   A separate study found gender differences in the way that patients experience pain after surgery.  Researchers in Austria questioned more than 10,000 patients within 24 hours of medical procedures. They found that men are more likely to experience pain after major surgery, but women experienced more pain after minor procedures.
(CBS) - Researchers are testing new guidelines for screening elderly patients for colorectal cancer. The current recommendation is for screening adults between the ages of 50-55. Research in the Journals of Internal Medicine suggest that patients should be screened for colorectal cancer all the way up to age 86, if they have not been tested before.


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