Health News: Eating too much salt major health risk

(CBS)- Researchers say eating too much salt is a major health risk around the world.  A study in the New England Journal of Medicine finds that on average people consume nearly twice as much sodium as doctors recommend.  Too much sodium increases blood pressure. It is blamed for more than 1.6 million cardiovascular deaths each year.

(CBS)- Common anti-inflammatory drugs may help protect the health of some breast cancer survivors.  Researchers in Texas focused on overweight and obese women.  Those who regularly took aspirin or ibuprofen were 50 percent less likely to see their cancer come back.

(CBS)- Flu season is just a few months away and a new study suggests senior citizens should consider high-dose influenza vaccines.  The high dose contains four times the amount of antigen that is in a standard vaccine.  The injection is more painful, but researchers at Vanderbilt University found the stronger vaccine is 24 percent more effective for people over the age of 65.


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