Celebrating cancer survivors at Texas Oncology Tyler

Celebrating cancer survivors at Texas Oncology Tyler

 TYLER (KYTX) - Dr. Sasha Vukelja, or "Dr. V." has worked at Texas Oncology for 18 years. She says honoring these cancer survivors is the best way to mark its 20th anniversary.

"It really rings eternal. The hope rings eternal." 

The bell ringing tradition started at Texas Oncology Tyler in the 90s. And, since then, many other cancer centers across the nation have adoption this tradition to celebrate cancer remission.

The bell is located right outside the chemo room. Dr. V. says, that way, patients can hear that sound of hope and find inspiration- no matter where they are in their fight against cancer.

"I can't tell you how many times i've heard patients say, one day i'm going to ring that bell too." 

Ralp Mesch is looking forward to that day.

"Oh, it'll be the happiest day of my life."  

He's fighting a certain type of blood cancer, and says he's learned a lot during treatment.

"Well, life is precious. And, it teaches you that- you look at it- and when you have a disease like cancer, it's very trying on you. And, it has been for me." 

But he says he's not giving up... He says the sound of the bell reminds him he can win this fight.


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