Dancing for EB awareness

Dancing for EB awareness

 TYLER (KYTX) -   Imagine your skin breaking out into blisters from even the slightest touch. A 12-year-old East Texas boy is living with a rare skin disease that causes this to happen. His skin is so fragile, his father has never even been able to pick him up under the arms.

Davion Breaux was diagnosed with a rare skin disease at birth called EB. It's short for Epidermolysis Bullosa. Although his skin isn't as tough as most kids his age, it doesn't stop him from spreading awareness about EB through dance, all over East Texas.

DavioBreauxax, AKA, "D-Money," is dancing to a style of music called dubstep. He taught himself by watching YouTube videos and movies about three years ago.

"That inspired me to start doing that- like how he was doing all the robot stuff. And so, i wanted to learn how to do that." he says.

But, Davion isn't just dancing for fun. He's raising awareness for a rare, debilitating skin condition called EB, or Epidermolysis Bullosa.

Davion bears the marks of this disease. He says he can barely be touched at all.

"What i can't do is like get picked up under my arms or run because i might fall. And, kids- other kids will get a little rash. But me, i get a big chunk of skin that falls off. I can't run. I can't get picked up under my arms. I can't get tossed up in the air."

His father, Kenneth Breaux Jr., says Davion is so fragile, many doctors won't even treat him.

"They're afraid they're going to hurt him. You put a pressure stick on my son's tongue, it ruptures. He has lost all of his fingernails and toenails. I was never able to throw my son up in the air like a normal child and catch him. But, we've overcome that with love, a lot of support from my family and friends and Tyler."


Kenneth and his son call themselves "Dubsteps Underground, the Mob." Davion has taken his talents to local business and restaurants across East Texas.  

"We're not out for fame or riches. What we want to do is show people that no matter what you were born with or what conditions you have, anything is possible, as long as you reach for the stars. And, my son is living proof of that."

Davion says he won't let EB stop him from dancing and spreading his message to others.


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