Dry nasal sprays providing allergy relief

Nasal Spray

TYLER (KYTX) - You've probably noticed by all the sneezing and sniffling that the air in East Texas is full of pollen right now.

One new treatment that many allergy sufferers are taking advantage of- dry nasal sprays. They're just one more way to find allergy relief this Spring.

"This last month or so, I've been sneezing constant- a lot. A lot more than I usually have." says 78-year-old Lou Griffin.

She takes shots, pills, and nasal sprays to combat her Spring allergies. Griffin uses the more traditional, wet spray, but she says she'd be open to trying the new, dry ones.

"You know, I really don't analyze them that much. I just use everything hoping that it will help."

Dr. Chris Wrenn with Allergy Clinic in Tyler says the dry nasal sprays have benefits that the wet ones can't offer.

"Some people don't like the feeling of the wet sprays. They're kind of heavy sometimes. They drain down the back of the throat sometimes. Some of them have a bad taste."

The dry sprays can often eliminate those problems.

Dr. Wrenn says nasal sprays often provide quicker relief.

"It gets it right where it needs to be, immediately. If you take something by mouth, it has to be absorbed, go through your liver, get into the bloodstream before it's carried to your nose."

All of that can take too long for many allergy sufferers, making the sprays a smarter option.

Dr. Wrenn says some people find the dry allergy sprays work even quicker than the wet ones because they can get further up into your nose. That can be helpful when your nose is inflamed from allergies.


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