Fit City Success: Tyler woman gets relief from auto-immune disease

Fit City

TYLER (KYTX) - Starting a new workout isn't always about losing weight.  For some people, it's about finding better health.  That's exactly what brought a Tyler woman to a local boot camp where she found Fit City Success.

At 27, Sarah Morris received a diagnosis that changed her life.  She had ulcerative colitis.  That meant bouts of abdominal pain and fatigue.  In 2009, she turned to East Texas Adventure Boot Camp to feel good again.

"I was actually tested for colon cancer and I was glad it wasn't that, but it was tough.  It sort of took the wind out of my sales a little bit," says Sarah Morris.

Sarah Morris decided to do something about it.  Sarah liked the challenge of East Texas Adventure Boot Camp and Melanie Edwards motivating and pushing her to get physically fit.  "She trusts me though," says Melanie Edwards of East Texas Adventure Boot Camp.  "She is not too scared."

"I wasn't really sure what to expect," says Sarah.  "I do know on the first day I was like-- 'what did I get myself into,' but I just kept on pushing."

It wasn't overnight, but Sarah's body starting responding to the workouts.  While she can't change her diagnosis, she has been able to help the severity of her ulcerative colitis flare-ups with exercise.  "I started to feel better and have more energy, happier. The stress and anxiety levels went way down," says Sarah.

Sarah was also able to cut the number of pills she was taking a day by more than half from 23 to 10.

"Stomach stuff, steroids, there was one colitis drug I had to take 8 pills a day.  The steroids were the worst though.  I am so glad I don't have to take those anymore," says Sarah.

Sarah says boot camp changed every aspect of her life.   She feels like a better employee and a better mom. "It's a commitment.  It is worth it.  It is worth your life," says Sarah 

Sarah is committed to 5 days a week of boot camp. While she signed up for health reasons, she's also lost inches and toned up.


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