Health Alert: ADHD linked to obesity in men

Health Alert

(CBS) - Boys who are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, should be monitored for long-term risk of obesity.

That's according to new research in the journal Pediatrics.

New York University Researchers looked at men who had ADHD as children and found them twice as likely to struggle with their current weight because they lack impulse control and have poor planning skills.


(CBS) - Wearing a C-pap mask at night could help people control blood sugar levels who suffer from sleep apnea and are pre-diabetic.

A continuous positive airway pressure mask keeps the airway open and prevents sleep interruptions.

Researchers supervised 39 adults in a sleep lab for two weeks and found those who wore the mask were better able to use their body's insulin.

The study suggests as many as two-thirds of type 2 diabetic patients may not realize they have sleep apnea.



(CBS) - A new benefit from ginger.

The purified components of ginger may help asthma patients breathe easier.

Researchers from Columbia University found the spicy root can enhance the airway relaxing effects of most asthma medications.


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