Health Alert: Blood tests can predict depression

Health Alert

(CBS) - A simple blood test can predict who will suffer from postpartum depression.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins tested 52 pregnant women and found those with 2 specific genes were at high risk.

Doctors say a test to detect the genes was accurate 85 percent of the time.

Larger studies are now needed to confirm the findings.


(CBS) - A new government survey finds obesity rates in the U.S. continue to climb.

THE Centers For Disease Control study compared obesity numbers in 2007 and 2010 and found the rate increased from 25 to 27 percent.

Binge drinking also rose slightly but the number of smokers remained the same.

Researchers were encouraged to find out the number of people exercising is up a little.


(CBS) - Music may help patients in the Intensive Care Unit recover.

Researchers at Ohio State University found ICU patients who listened to their favorite music while recovering had less anxiety and required less sedation.

Previous studies have shown music can help patients relax and speed up recovery.


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