Health Alert: Breastfeeding could brighten children's future

Health Alert

(CBS) - A new British study finds breastfeeding may help children climb the social ladder.

Researchers looked at about 35,000 children and found those who were breastfed were consistently more likely to achieve higher social status.

The authors say their findings suggest breastfeeding leads to developmental and behavioral advantages that last into adulthood.

They say it's too difficult to determine if the nutrients in breast milk are most beneficial, or if it's the bonding during feeding.




(CBS) - A new study finds moderate exercise can reduce fat deposits in people with type two diabetes.

Researchers in the Netherlands compared MRI scans of patients before and after they started moderate exercise ranging up to about six hours a week.

They found just exercise- without any diet changes- significantly decreased fat in the abdomen, liver and around the heart.

Those types of fat deposits can lead to an increased risk of cardiovascular problems.




(CBS) - New research shows postmenopausal hormone therapy does not affect cognitive functioning in younger women.

The study from Wake Forest School of Medicine looked at women ages 50 to 55 years old. Some received the treatment others took a placebo.

When researchers evaluated the women seven years later they found there was no cognitive difference between the two groups.

Earlier research found the therapy prescribed to women 65 years and older did negatively affect their cognitive ability.


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