Health Alert: Double Mastectomy Study

Health Alert

(CBS) - A rising number of women with cancer in one breast are deciding to have both breasts removed as a precaution.

But a study from the University of Minnesota finds double mastectomy doesn't seem to provide a major benefit.

The study did not include patients with a strong family history of the disease. 

Doctors say double mastectomy might still be the best option for women who carry one of the breast cancer gene mutations known as BRCA.

(CBS) - Australian doctors reviewed 12 studies to see if probiotics can help calm a crying baby.

They found its not a cure all, but may be effective in some kids, especially breastfed kids who have colic.

Doctors say larger studies are needed to find out for sure.

(CBS) - A study in the British Medical Journal is linking a healthy economy to higher death rates.

Researchers looked at 19 countries over the past 60 years. They found more people died when the economy was good.

Doctors say unhealthy lifestyles and traffic accidents increase when economies are in good shape, but that doesn't fully explain the increase.


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