Health Alert: FDA to regulate health apps

Health Alert

(CBS) - The Food and Drug Administration plans to regulate health apps for smartphones.  

Industry analysts say there are more than 17,000 medical apps available.

But the agency plans to only focus on apps that turn a smartphone into a device, like a heart monitor.

(CBS) - A group of doctors says people with sleep apnea should try to avoid surgery to correct the problem.

The American College of Physicians is releasing new recommendations that say patients should lose weight and use an air pressure device known as a C-Pap for initial therapy.

Sleep apnea collapses the airway and is often obesity related. There are surgeries that can open the airway, but doctors say weight loss can reverse the problem and is a better option. 

(CBS) - Boston researchers say cancer patients who are single tend to have worse outcomes then patients who are married.

A new study found unmarried patients were 17 percent more likely to have late stage cancer and 53 percent less likely to receive the appropriate treatment.

Doctors suspect married patients fare better because they have the support of a spouse who can make sure they go to all their appointments and help them understand the options.


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