Health Alert: Flame retardants may be toxic to children

Health Alert

(CBS) - Chemicals used to reduce the risk of fires in items such as strollers, carpeting and electronics may be toxic to children. A study from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine shows prenatal exposure to a flame retardant know as PBDE is associated with lower intelligence and hyperactivity in early childhood.  Most PBDE's are not used in the U.S. anymore but may be found in products purchased years ago.

(CBS) - A new study shows bicycle helmets save more lives in states that legally require them. Head injuries cause most of the 900 bicycle deaths each year. Death rates are significantly lower in the 21 states with mandatory helmet laws. A leading group of pediatricians is pushing for every state to require helmets.

(CBS) - A diet rich in proteins and low in carbohydrates may improve fertility rates in women undergoing in vitro fertilization. Researchers in Delaware found patients who ate 25 percent more protein and 40 percent less carbs per day, were four times more likely to get pregnant. Doctors believe protein helps produce better quality embryos and eggs.


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