Health Alert: How to avoid Staph Infections post surgery

Health Alert

(CBS) - A research team at the University of Iowa has created a list of hospital guidelines to reduce staph infections after surgery.

Past studies have shown that patients undergoing heart surgery or joint replacement procedures often infect themselves with their own bacteria.

Researchers recommend swabbing patients' noses before surgery.
For those with staph naturally in their noses – the recommendations include applying an ointment and giving the patients a specific antibiotic.

All other patients would receive a more general antibiotic to prevent infections.




(CBS) - Giving birth at home can have less complications than delivering at the hospital for some moms.

Dutch researchers examined about 150,000 births over two years.
They found maternal complications were less during home delivery for second time moms in low risk pregnancies.

The complications can include uterine rupture, eclampsia and hemorrhaging after birth.




(CBS) - Helping others can actually be good for your heart.
A new study conducted at Carnegie Mellon University shows older adults who volunteer for at least 200 hours a year decrease their risk of high blood pressure by forty percent.

High blood pressure affects about 65 million Americans and can lead to cardiovascular disease.



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