Health Alert: "Intelligent Knife" detects cancer

Health Alert

(CBS) - Scientists have developed what they call an "Intelligent Knife".

A surgical instrument that tells doctors immediately if the tissue they are cutting is cancerous. Researchers in London tested the iKnife and found it to be 100 percent accurate.

It works by analyzing the smoke from vaporized tissue so the surgeons know instantly if it is healthy or cancerous.




(CBS) - Seniors who don't get enough vitamin D are more likely to struggle with routine tasks.

A study in Amsterdam found elderly people with a vitamin D deficiency had more trouble with movements like climbing stairs or getting dressed.

The vitamin comes from sunlight or dietary supplements. Up to 90 percent of seniors are believed to be deficient.




(CBS) - A new study that looked at U.S. adults finds changes in thyroid function may be linked to PFC exposure.

PFCs are chemicals used in manufacturing. Scientists in Taiwan found women with a higher level of the chemicals in their blood were more likely to develop mild thyroid disease.

The condition causes symptoms including fatigue, depression, and weight gain.


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