Health Alert: Medical students bias toward obesity

Health Alert

(CBS) - A new study finds two out of five medical students are bias against obese people and they don't realize it.

  Researchers at Wake Forest used a computer program to measure 300 students unconscious preferences for fat or thin patients.
About 39 percent showed a bias against overweight people and most were not aware of it.
Previous research has shown many doctors are less likely to respect an obese
patient and believe they won't follow treatment plans. 

(CBS) -  A Canadian study finds some cholesterol lowering statins may slightly raise the risk of diabetes.

  Researchers followed a half million patients and found those taking the most powerful statins had a 10 to 22 percent higher risk of developing the disease.

  Doctors say in most cases the overall cardiovascular benefit of statins outweighs the risk of diabetes.

(CBS) -  A physicians group says schools need to make sure kids are moving more.
A study from The Institute Of Medicine says only half of us kids are getting a recommended one hour of physical activity everyday.
The group says the education department should consider physical education a core class like reading and math.
The Centers for Disease Control says only about 30 percent of students nationwide have physical education classes five days a week.


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