Health Alert: Mint-flavored cigarettes possible threat to public

Health Alert

(CBS) - A new Food and Drug Administration review of menthol cigarettes finds the mint-flavored cigarettes probably pose a greater public health risk than regular cigarettes.

But the agency stopped short of proposing a limit or ban on the cigarettes.

The FDA says there's little evidence to suggest menthol cigarettes are more or less toxic, but research shows that more and more young people are picking up the minty cigarettes and menthol smokers have a harder time quitting.

An FDA panel released similar findings in 2011 and recommended removing menthol cigarettes from the market.




(CBS) - Older adults who have diabetes are 50 to 80 percent more likely to have a physical disability compared to those without diabetes.

That's according to a new review of over 3,000 studies comparing diabetes and disability.

Researchers in Australia found the high blood glucose levels that come with diabetes may lead to chronic muscle inflammation.




(CBS) - Black women diagnosed with breast cancer are nearly 13 percent less likely to survive 5 years after diagnosis compared to white women.

Researchers looked at survival rates of nearly 15,000 women between 1991 and 2005 .

The study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found black women in the study were in poorer health at the time of diagnosis and their cancer was more advanced.

Researchers say black patients also received inferior treatment compared to white patients.


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