Health Alert: More parents using retail health clinics

Health Alert

(CBS) - More and more parents are taking their children to retail health clinics in addition to their regular pediatrician.

A new study from Washington University finds parents use the clinics, which are usually located in chain drugstores, because they are convenient, especially on nights and weekends.

Most visits are for sore throats, ear infections and colds.




(CBS) - The way cigarettes are packaged, may make smoking less appealing.

In Australia, cigarettes are sold in plain brown packaging, with graphic warnings.

Researchers say since the policy was introduced last year, 70 percent of smokers say they find smoking less satisfying.

A large number of smokers also say they have also considered quitting.




(CBS) - The safest place in the U.S. may be a big city.

A new study published in the Annals Of Emergency Medicine finds the risk of death from injuries is lowest in urban communities, compared to suburban or rural areas.

Researchers say the top three causes of death: motor vehicle accidents, firearms and poisoning happen a lot less in urban communities.

Doctors hope the findings will push rural health systems to become better equipped to handle emergencies.


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