Health Alert: New drug to treat brain-eating amoeba

Health Alert

(CBS) - The Centers for Disease Control is offering physicians an experimental drug to treat a brain eating amoeba.

The amoeba usually enters the body through the nose when people are swimming in warm lakes and rivers.

Cases are extremely rare but almost always fatal the CDC says in lab tests the new drug showed promise fighting off the amoeba.

 (CBS) - A medication for blood cancer may one day be used to treat advanced breast cancer.

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic tested the drug decitabine on animals and found it slowed down the growth of breast cancer tumors.

Scientists are now planning clinical trials to test the drug on women.

(CBS) - Harvard researchers think they know why red heads have a higher risk of getting skin cancer.

Doctors say the genetic mutation responsible for red hair and light skin also opens up a biochemical pathway.Making them susceptible to melanoma.

Because of the mutation red heads lack a compound that protects against the harmful effects of the sun. 


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