Health Alert: New weight loss method

(CBS) - Researchers in Switzerland say they've developed a way to manipulate fat cells that could lead to a new method of weight loss. The process involves nearly freezing white fat cells and turning them into brown fat cells which are more desirable because they are easier to burn off. The tests were conducted on mice. Scientists hope to be able to find a food or develop a drug that would replicate the fat-transforming process in humans.

(CBS) - The number of women getting surgical armlifts has increased more than 4-thousand percent over the last decade. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons attributes the trend in part to an uptick in sleeveless fashions and an increase of female celebrities with toned arms. An armlift can include liposuction or the surgical removal of loose skin. The majority of armlift patients were over age 40.

(CBS) - The American Academy of Pediatrics is offering its first dietary recommendations for vitamin d and calcium in preterm babies. The report recommends giving pre-term babies high, daily doses of vitamin d while in the hospital and after being discharged. The infants may also need calcium supplements for stronger bones and to avoid developing rickets.


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