Health Alert: Obese people at higher risk for hypertension

Health Alert

(CBS) - A new study from the American Heart Association finds obese children are four times more likely to develop high blood pressure as adults.

Researchers tracked more than 1,000 adolescents for 27 years. 

The more overweight a child was, the higher the risk for high blood pressure later in life.

(CBS) - A spice found in many Mexican dishes may also purify drinking water.

In a small study scientists in Mexico found cilantro can absorb lead and other heavy metals from contaminated water.

Current filtration methods can be expensive and researchers believe filters packed with cilantro may present an inexpensive way to clean water in developing countries.

(CBS) - There's some good news for people who've had a lot of cavities.

A new study finds these people are less likely to develop head and neck cancer.

Researchers say the lactic acid bacteria that causes cavities may also protect against cancer cells.


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