Health Alert: Obesity could induce labor

Health Alert

(CBS) - Swedish researchers say obesity can cause a mom to have her baby very early.

In a new study women with mild obesity had a 60 percent increased risk of preterm birth. Women who were the heaviest had the highest risk.

Scientists say weight can increase inflammation in the body which can cause a mother to go into labor early.



(CBS) - Doctors believe they can predict which babies will become obese. 

Researchers at Case Western  Reserve tracked the growth of 200 children from birth. They found normal weight kids put on pounds quickly but then maintain a healthy weight.

Overweight children slowly gain in the first months of life and then continue to put on pounds into childhood.



(CBS) - Walking can help keep off the pounds and may even prevent diabetes. 

Researchers at George Washington University found taking a fifteen minute walk after every meal can reduce blood sugar levels.

They also discovered the method is more effective than taking one 45 minute walk everyday.
Doctors say exercise right after a meal keeps blood sugar from spiking.


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