Health Alert: Obesity increases risk for breast cancer

Health Alert

(CBS) - Women who gain excessive amounts of weight during pregnancy may put themselves at risk for developing breast cancer later in life according to scientists at Georgetown University.

Researchers already know pregnancy permanently turns on genes that protect against breast cancer.

But in the Georgetown study, scientists studied the effects of the obesity-hormone leptin on pregnant rats.

They found the hormone erased the positive effects of pregnancy and increased the risk of breast cancer after menopause.

(CBS) - A Swedish study of nearly 8 million people finds teenagers and young adults diagnosed with cancer are 60 percent more likely to commit suicide.

The increased risk of suicide was highest the first year after diagnosis.

Researchers suggest cancer is especially challenging for young people because they are still developing coping strategies.

(CBS) - Scientists from Northwestern University say they now have a better understanding of how poverty molds a child's brain.

They found mothers with only a high school education or less had children with noisy neural activity like static on a radio that's always present in their brains.

Researchers say that brain noise actually inhibits the child's ability to process and understand information.



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