Health Alert: Premature birth not as harmful as expected

Health Alert

(CBS) - A new study finds premature birth may not cause as many problems as first thought.

Researchers at Indiana University followed more than three million babies and did not find a strong link between preterm birth and mental illness, learning problems and suicide.

That contradicts previous research.

Scientists did find premature birth can increase the risk of early death, autism and attention deficit disorder.

(CBS) - Filling up with protein and fat in the first meal of the day may be good for people with Type 2 diabetes. 

Researchers in Israel looked at 47 overweight or obese diabetics and found those who ate a big breakfast rich in protein and fat had  improved blood sugar control and needed less medication. 

People in the study also felt fuller compared to those who ate a small breakfast. 

(CBS) - A new survey finds about one in three Americans say they don't know how much they walk everyday.

The people who do, say its less than a half hour a day on average.

Health experts recommend 30 minutes of brisk walking everyday.



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