Health Alert: Products backed by athletes unhealthy

Health Alert

(CBS) - Researchers looked at 62 products endorsed by pro athletes and found nearly 80 percent lacked enough nutrition to be considered healthy.

The study in the journal pediatrics also says 93 percent of the beverages advertised with an athlete had added sugar.

Many of the ads target children and prior research has shown both kids and parents are influenced by endorsements from pro athletes.

(CBS) - The number of U.S. kids with high blood pressure is rising but a group of doctors is holding off on recommending all kids get screened for hypertension.

The U.S. preventative services task force says there's not enough evidence to assess the benefit or harm of routine screening.

Experts say kids at high risk for hypertension still need to be checked on a regular basis.

(CBS) - Doctors at Columbia University say pollution and stress can do more harm to unborn children than first thought.

The study found women who were anxious and exposed to high levels of air pollution during pregnancy, were more likely to have children who developed aggressive behavior and depression.



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