Health Alert: PSA screenings should begin in mid-forties

Health Alert

(CBS) - A new study suggests men should start getting PSA screenings for prostate cancer in their mid-forties. The research in the British Medical Journal followed a large group of men over a 30 year period. They found 44 percent of prostate cancer deaths happened among men with the highest PSA levels at age 45 to 49. Before age 45 though, the risk of developing prostate cancer was very low -- even among men with the top 10 percent of PSA levels. PSA screenings are controversial because some experts say the tests can lead to unnecessary and harmful treatments.

(CBS) - Light drinking during pregnancy does not seem to have any bad effects on a child's development. That's according to a new study from London. Researchers compared 7-year olds born to mothers who abstained from alcohol during their pregnancies to children whose mothers had about a small glass of wine or half a beer each week. They found no statistical difference in the behavioral and cognitive scores of the two groups. But researchers warn differences could still emerge later in childhood.

(CBS) - There may be a link between colic in infants and migraines later in life. Researchers looked at children ages 6 to 18 years old who went to the hospital complaining of migraines. They found kids with migraines were more likely to have experienced colic than those without the headaches. Colic is a term used for inconsolable crying during the first few months of life.


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