Health Alert: Screen shellfish for cancer causing toxins

Health Alert

(CBS) - Scientists in France say clams, oysters, scallops, and other shellfish should be screened for fungal toxins before being eaten.

A new study shows high levels of toxins can be found in shellfish that come from waters containing certain types of fungus.

Scientists say the toxins do not cause food poisoning, but could cause cancer. 

(CBS) - Taking asthma medications during pregnancy is good for expectant moms and their babies.

 That's according to researchers in England who say poor asthma control can cause hypertension in pregnancy, more C-sections, and low birth weight.

The study also says even though asthma medications can have adverse side effects on women and their babies, it's still safer than not taking them.  

(CBS) - Researchers in New York say inner-ear disorders, especially ones that cause problems with hearing and balance may also cause hyperactivity.

According to a new study, inner-ear disorders can cause changes in the brain, which lead to changes in behavior.

Scientists say blocking certain proteins could stop hyperactivity. 


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