Health Alert: Sibling aggression compared to bullying

Health Alert

(CBS) - Fights between siblings, even occasional spats over things like toys may not be as harmless as some parents think.

According to a new study in the journal, Pediatrics, sibling aggression is linked to significantly worse mental health in children and teens.

Researchers at the University of New Hampshire looked at data from 3,600 kids and found that fights between brothers and sisters can cause the same level of distress as peer bullying.




(CBS) - Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital for Children looked into the levels of treatment that autistic kids receive.

They found that autistic African-American and Hispanic children are far less likely than white autistic kids to receive specialized care for medical conditions that sometimes come with autism.

These include stomach problems, and sleep disorders. Scientists say more research is needed to understand why this is happening.



(CBS) - And diabetics who use meters to monitor their glucose levels have better control over the disease. That's according to researchers at the Mount Sinai Medical Center who looked at data from 500 diabetes patients. They found patients who use glucose monitors, do a better job of lowering their blood-sugar levels than those who just keep handwritten logs.



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