Health Alert: Spike in children with high blood pressure

Health Alert

(CBS) - The number of children with elevated blood pressure rose 27 percent during a 13 year period.

Researchers attribute the increase to larger waistlines and higher sodium intake.

High blood pressure can lead to stroke, heart disease and kidney failure.


(CBS) - Doctors studying children with fevers say they have figured out how to distinguish between viral and bacterial infections.

Researchers in Saint Louis were able to accurately tell the difference 90 percent of the time by analyzing the gene activity of the children's blood samples.

It is hard to know whether a virus or a bacterial infection is to blame for a child's illness, so doctors often prescribe antibiotics just in case, even though the drugs do not work against viruses and over prescribing them can lead to antibiotic resistance. 


(CBS) - Obesity was once thought to protect against bone loss but a new study finds that's not true.

New research in the journal Radiology finds obese people with higher levels of fat in their liver, muscle tissue and blood also have higher amounts of fat in their bone marrow.

That puts them at risk for osteoporosis.

The study's authors say bone marrow fat makes bones weak and more susceptible to fractures.


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