Health Alert: Swaddling linked to hip problems in babies

Health Alert

(CBS) - Swaddling babies may put them at a higher risk of hip problems.

Bundling a baby in a blanket can help them stop crying and fall asleep.

But swaddling also forces the legs straight and British pediatricians say this could interfere with the natural development of the hip joints.

They say swaddling is ok as long as the baby can bend their legs and hips.

(CBS) - A study out of Sweden finds gardening can help people live longer.

Researchers followed 4,000 seniors and found those who stayed physically active, including gardeners were much healthier.

The most active people had a 27 percent lower risk of heart attack and a 30 percent lower risk of dying early.

(CBS) - Smokers seem to think about quitting around the same time.

Doctors at San Diego State University looked at four years of Google searches from across the globe.

They found people searched about quitting smoking the most on Mondays.

Researchers aren't sure why the first day of the week seems to hold significance.



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