Health Alert: Testosterone treatments linked to heart risks

(CBS) - A new study is raising concerns about testosterone therapy.

Researchers at the University of Texas looked at a group of men with coronary artery disease.

They found taking testosterone was associated with an increased risk of death, heart attack or stroke.

Many men take testosterone to improve sexual function and increase bone density. 





(CBS) - Doctors are using an interactive computer program to help patients deal with depression.

Researchers at UC Davis found people who used the program in the waiting room before seeing their primary care physician were nearly twice as likely to ask about the condition with their doctor.

The patients were also more likely to get a recommendation for antidepressants or a mental health referral. 

(CBS) - Music lessons during childhood can pay dividends much later in life even for people who haven't touched an instrument in decades.

Researchers at Northwestern University found that older adults who took lessons as children had a faster brain response to speech.  



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