Health Alert: Ways to cut risk of heart disease in half

Health Alert: Ways to cut risk of heart disease in half

(CBS) - Controlling high blood pressure and high cholesterol at the same time may cut a person's risk of heart disease at least 50 percent.

That's according to new research in Circulation, the journal of the American Heart Association. But researchers say fewer than one in three people manage to control both at the same time.

About one-third of American adults have high blood pressure and about 32 million Americans have dangerously high cholesterol levels.




(CBS) - New research finds women who work nights for 30 years or more have double the risk of getting breast cancer.

Previous studies done on nurses had similar results but this study out of Canada finds the risk applies to all night shift work – not just nursing.

Researchers think disruptions to the sleep hormone melatonin may be linked to the increased cancer risk.




(CBS) - A small new study shows the latest generation of video games – where players move along to the action – can make a child more physically active at home.

Researchers in Australia found children who were given the newer devices instead of the traditional models boosted their physical activity levels by about 3 minutes a day. They also reduced their time spent sitting around by 6 minutes.

The study's authors call the findings small but significant.


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